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Since our birth in 1989, A-Best has been the go-to company for all your environmental needs. We specialize in the removal of asbestos and environmental hazards from both residential properties and commercial/industrial buildings. A-Best’s experience-based methods, paired with our state-of-the-art equipment and procedures allow us to provide high quality work in less time. This allows for you to have confidence in our work, and peace of mind that your abatement needs will be met both efficiently and safely.

Core Values

Whatever It Takes




One Team, One Goal

Why A-Best?

A-Best has been a premier abatement company since 1989 completing over 150 million dollars of environmental projects. As we continue to grow, we have still not lost sight on how we got here and what got us here. To this day, A-Best remains family owned and operated. We still firmly believe in our original “whatever it takes” mindset from when we first opened the doors. Whether a home owner, general contractor, or facilities manager, we will work with you to embody that principle and ensure your job gets done correctly. Every facet of the operation from sales to production is closely watched, maintained, and followed up by an A-Best team member. This allows A-Best to give each project a hands-on personal approach and ensures our customers that their project will be a success.  A-Best has successfully completed more than 50,000 projects. Let us customize a proven method that best suits your abatement needs.

One Team, One Goal

Abatement can be a confusing and daunting process, but at A-Best, we take you through it from start to finish with ease. From the government required notification, all the way to the air test required upon completion, A-Best will be by your side to eliminate any confusion.  The air testing is provided by an independent third-party hygienist firm that is licensed by the state. But don’t worry, A-Best has relationships with over hundreds of different contractors and is consistently looking to build new relationships. We have you covered and will personally see to it that your job runs smoothly.

At A-Best, we take pride in the men and women that dedicate their lives to working hard to ensure the safety of our customers. Their high level of expertise and their critical attention to detail allow for A-Best to work like a well-oiled machine. Our dedicated employees are truly the best that the industry has to offer. With highly trained personnel we have been able to execute the safe removal of environmental hazards for over 30 years. Each employee has undergone rigorous training at accredited environmental protection schools and has completed work on thousands of projects across New England.  A-Best’s most critical asset is our employees. Each team member truly embodies A-Best’s core principle of “One Team, One Goal.” Our team mentality allows for the smooth completion of all projects, which has instilled confidence in our customers for 30 years and counting. No matter the size of your project, you can be sure that our employees will make it their personal mission to complete it safely, precisely, and timely.

A-Best is fully insured, DCPO certified, licensed abatement contractor in the states of New
Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Maine. Call us today!


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Customer Success

Here’s what our clients and customers say…


We have monitored dozens of projects for A-Best over the years and they always get the job done right.

Dave McDonald – F.L.I. Environmental – President

Since teaming up with A-Best we have successfully completed several major renovation and demolition projects.

Dean Raftopoulos – Construction Representative Group – Co-Founder

They came, they saw, and conquered 1,800 feet of pipe insulation and 7,000sqft of tile and mastic in 2 weeks. Put me ahead of schedule. Thanks

Eli Levine – Andover Development Group – Managing Partner

A-Best really does whatever it takes. Great crew of guys.

Adien Hughes – Methuen Construction – Superintendent

Over the past 10 years at the U.S.A. Army Labs we have ran into a lot of abatement work. When we do….. we call A-Best

Mike Raczkowski – Smart Construction – Owner

Got referred to A-Best by a co-worker. They helped me complete the Tufts University student housing project. Great to work with, look forward to the next project.

Joe Tornabene – Commodore Builders – Superintendent

I have worked with A-Best for almost 25 years doing Clean Air Testing. They are consistent with their methods and continue to leave the projects clean and safe year after year.

John Bachand – North East Environmental Labs – Owner

A-Best has helped us safely renovate over 75 McDonalds fast food restaurants to date.

Roger Desjardins – Marceau Construction – President

Our Customers

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